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2014 HGC Broomball League

The 2014 HGC Broomball season runs from January 6, 2014 to February 15, 2014!

Teams play under the lights on the Fountain Square ice rink in the heart of downtown, complete with live game coverage, announcers, and scores on the giant video board! Broomball combines elements of soccer and hockey. Players wear gym shoes, not skates, and use sticks with a small, broom-shaped head to pass the ball and score goals. Live announcers call each game – with much humor, of course – and the Fountain Square video board becomes a giant TV with a scoreboard, time clock, and live camera coverage.

Now on to the FUN STUFF:

Full Season Schedule: CLICK HERE

Link to the Rules: CLICK HERE

Link to Results: CLICK HERE

Please make sure all team members show up 15 minutes before game times dressed and ready to play. There are bathrooms, but no changing facilities, so please come ready so that you and your teams have time to get organized and check in with league staff and officials. ALL SUBS MUST FILL OUT A WAIVER BEFORE PLAYING!

League schedules will have a team listed first and a team listed second (i.e. 1 v 2, 3 v. 4). The team listed first is to wear light/white shirts/jerseys and the teams listed second should wear dark/black color shirts/jerseys. If you have conflicts, please contact us.

During the weekdays decisions about cancellations will be made by 4:30 in the afternoon. For weekend games, the call will be made by 7:30 a.m. Team managers will be notified through e-mail and/or phone call about any cancellations. Announcements will also be posted on the lefthand side of the home page. You can also call the CSL office at 513-533-9386 after 4:40 and throughout the night or early Saturday morning for the automated weather line.

Make up games will be as follows. Games that were cancelled during the week (Mon – Thurs.) will be made up the Saturday of that week after the regularly scheduled Saturday Morning league completes (10:30 or later). If a Saturday game is cancelled will be made up the next Sunday morning starting at 9am.

Phone: 513-533-9386




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