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The Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) manages events, programming, maintenance and security for Fountain Square and the Fountain Square North Garage. 3CDC is a non-profit real estate development organization. Its mission and strategic focus is to strengthen the core assets of downtown by revitalizing and connecting the Fountain Square District, the Central Business District and Over-the-Rhine (OTR).
Working together with the City of Cincinnati, the State of Ohio and members of Cincinnati’s corporate community, 3CDC is committed to establishing a model of excellence and success when it comes to redeveloping and investing in Cincinnati’s urban core.


3CDC was formed in July 2003, recommended by a City of Cincinnati Economic Development Task Force as part of an overall system to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of development activities in the City of Cincinnati. Then Mayor Charlie Luken and members of the Cincinnati corporate community joined together to create 3CDC, agreeing that the economic future of Cincinnati depended first and foremost on a strong and vibrant downtown business and entertainment district.

Cincinnati is fortunate to have a very strong and engaged base of corporate leadership, led by Procter & Gamble, Macy’s and Kroger to name a few. More than 30 corporate leaders make up 3CDC’s Board of Directors. The corporate leadership of 3CDC is vital to its existence and its success.

3CDC operations are funded privately mostly through corporate contributions. In November 2004 the staff of 3CDC accepted the daily, operating responsibilities for two private development funds, the Cincinnati New Markets Fund (CNMF) and the Cincinnati Equity Fund (CEF). These loan funds are geared toward downtown redevelopment and spurring economic development in distressed and struggling neighborhoods.

3CDC’s goals and objectives are to preserve historic structures and improve streetscapes, create great civic spaces, create high-density/mixed-use development, and to create diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods supported by local businesses. To achieve its mission, 3CDC has the flexibility to function in a variety of roles: Developer (as in the Fountain Square and Washington Park projects), Master Developer (as in the Fifth & Race project), Asset Manager (as in the daily management and programming of Fountain Square), and Lender/Fund Manager (through the daily operating responsibilities for its loan funds).


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