2012 Cincinnati Santacon: Eat, Drink & BE Santa!

What is Santacon?

Cincinnati Santacon is essentially a gathering of like minded individuals who wish to both get into the Christmas spirit, as well as spread Christmas cheer to their fellow man.

SIGN UP and follow Santa on Twitter….On the morning of the event you will be contacted via mobile phone text message through Twitter and instructed to descend upon a location while wearing your Santa Claus Suit. Throughout the day you will continue recieving text messages and Tweets guiding you through Cincinnati (on foot) from location to location. Many of these locations are bars so this is not an event for children. The group of Santa Clauses will sing songs, make merry, and generally spread good cheer through the city.

Santa wants to be clear that while Cincinnat Santacon IS based around a pub crawl, that quickly becomes a secondary aspect of the event. Santas who join us will find that getting into the Christmas spirit and spreading good cheer to your fellow man is the true appeal of the festivities. Former participants would attest that the day is truly magical and the spirit they felt that day was why they will return year after year. You can visit Cincinnati Santacon’s Official Website for more details, or simply keep reading…

The rules of Santacon:
1. You must wear a Santa Claus Suit
2. Don’t mess with Children
3. Don’t mess with Police or Security
4. Don’t mess with Santa

Where is it?
Starting in downtown at Fountain Square and proceeding any where we can walk easily from our starting location. Many Santa Clauses may want to utilize public transportation or taxi service to and from the event so our attempt at good cheer does not become a danger to the public or ourselves. Our route will be sent throughout the day via text message directly from the North Pole.

When is it?
Saturday — December 8th, 2012
Be ready to get Merry by by noon.

What do I need?
You will need: Yourself, a Santa Suit, a sack for candy canes which we will distribute to children, a warm heart and desire to help Santa spread joy, and transportation options if you plan to partake in adult beverages

You can download a PDF of the carols we may sing during the event here.
You can also download a PDF of tips for playing Santa Claus here.


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