Features of the Square


Public restrooms are located on the west ramp leading up from Vine Street toward the parking garage portal. They are regularly cleaned and stocked every 30 minutes by the Fountain Square Ambassador team.  They are open to the public from 6am to 11pm every day. In the instance that no evening event is programmed on the Square, restrooms will close at 4pm. Restroom Attendants are also on duty inside the bathrooms during larger events. Should one find the restroom closed during the hours it should be open, available Ambassadors would be happy to explain why, or open it up when possible.

Cincinnati Bell Free Wi-Fi

No need to stay at the office or at home to connect to the Internet – now you can surf the Web for FREE at Fountain Square!

Using Fountain Square’s free WiFi service – compliments of Cincinnati Bell Fioptics – is simple. All you need is your laptop and a wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) or mobile device that’s 802.11g compliant. When searching for a wireless connection, look for cbfreefi.

Free surfing is limited to browsing. To download or upload files, you can opt-in to Cincinnati Bell‘s service.

Bike Racks

Fountain Square has four bicycle racks for the convenience of cyclists. Three racks are located on the plaza level along Fifth Street; Fifth and Walnut, mid-block, and Fifth and Vine. The fourth bike rack is located in the Fountain Square parking garage, on blue level 1, near the Vine Street entrance. Unless specifically allowed as part of a permitted event, bicycle riding is prohibited on Fountain Square.

Recycle Bins

Fountain Square has added recycling bins that accept glass, plastic and paper. The bins are located in three places on the plaza: by the flag pole (near Graeters), by the restrooms (near the parking garage entrance) and behind the water wall (near Potbelly’s).

Also, there are two bottle-shaped Coke recycling containers located near the vending machines in the elevator lobby and on level one of the parking garage. These accept bottles and cans only.

Please help keep Fountain Square and our environment safe and clean. Recycle!

Strauss Troy Umbrellas

28 umbrellas – compliments of Strauss Troy – keep the plaza cool and comfortable when the sun is overhead. The umbrellas are mobile so you can put them right where you want them!

History of the Fountain

Fountain Square has a rich heritage as the center of Cincinnati’s civic, social, and commercial life.

When the Tyler Davidson Fountain was dedicated in 1871, Fountain Square was simply a wide esplanade down the middle of Fifth Street. In 1970, the Square was redesigned for better traffic flow, and the fountain was moved to the south end of the plaza.

In 2000, the fountain was cleaned, restored and rededicated. In 2006, as one of three key projects to revitalize the center city, Fountain Square was renovated to reclaim its place as the heart of Cincinnati’s public life and to become a catalyst for downtown rebirth.

The fountain is turned on the Saturday before Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, and remains on until temperatures consistently dip below freezing, typically in late November or early December. During that time, the fountain usually runs 24/7, but it may be turned off between 3 and 6 a.m. when the Square is closed.

Thank you for contacting Fountain Square. We appreciate the feedback and will be in contact with you soon!

520 Vine Street - Cincinnati, OH 45202

520 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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