Fountain Square Garage: 513.381.3410
Park right under the Square!

The renovated Fountain Square North Garage has 635 vehicle spaces on four underground levels, all-new lighting, ventilation, signage, public restrooms, a new security system, and security personnel.

Pay-On-Foot System

Take your ticket with you! As you walk back to your car, stop at one of the pay station machines to pay your parking fee using cash or credit card. Pay stations are located next to the elevators on the Plaza level and Level 1 of the Garage. As you drive out, simply feed your paid ticket into the machine, and the arm will raise.

Monthly parking is available at a rate of $210 per month. For a copy of the contract and payment options, please send an email to Reid VanPelt at

Click here for Driving Directions.

Garage clearance is 6’8″.

A friendly reminder

Theft from vehicles can happen anywhere, anytime, so no matter where you are, be sure to protect yourself and your belongings. Keep shopping bags and other items in the trunk and out of sight.

Daily Parking Rates

10-30 minutes – $1
31-59 minutes – $2
1 to 2 hrs – $5
2 to 3 hrs – $7
3 to 4 hrs – $9
4 to 5 hrs – $11
5 to 6 hrs – $13
6 to 7 hrs – $15
Over 7 hrs – $17
Weekday evenings after 4pm: $6 flat rate (max 8 hours, after which normal Weekday or Weekend rates apply)
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday): $6 flat rate (max 8 hours, after which normal Weekday or Weekend rates apply)

Special Event Rate $6 for up to 8 hours ($15 for Bengals home games)


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520 Vine Street - Cincinnati, OH 45202

520 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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