Host an Event

Booking An Event

Any event that features the following aspects requires a permit:

  • Amplified sound
  • Selling food, alcohol, or merchandise
  • Selling tickets
  • A gathering of 50 or more people
  • Events open to the public
  • Requiring a special setup or stages, tents, tables, barricades, or other items

All activities on Fountain Square are subject to the City of Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 713, the City Manager Rules, and the Fountain Square Park Rules.

Event permits are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. To see if a time and date are available before you submit an application, please call 513-621-4400. Events may be booked no less than 14 days and no more than one year in advance.

To book an event on Fountain Square, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the section of the City Municipal Code pertaining to Fountain Square.
  2. Read the City Manager’s Rules for the Use of Fountain Square.
  3. Complete the FSQ Permit Application Form.
  4. Review the Services Menu appended to the Permit Application. Use the Services Menu to order sound, video, rentals, and other services offered by 3CDC. If you do not require any services, you may skip this item.
  5. Mail or fax the completed Event Permit Application and permit fees ($10 application + Square rental + utilities, payable to the City of Cincinnati) to 3CDC, 1203 Walnut Street, 4th Floor, Cincinnati OH 45202, or fax to 513-621-5900. If you have ordered services, include the Services Menu & Order Form as well.
  6. You should have a response regarding the status of your application by email within 10 business days. If you do not receive a response, you may contact us at 513-621-4400 to check the status.

The Fifth Third Bank LED Video Board is not on Fountain Square property and is privately owned and managed. Please click here to inquire about its use.



Thank you for contacting Fountain Square. We appreciate the feedback and will be in contact with you soon!

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